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Six Shooter Robot Analog Pre-Amplifier

How the Best Gets Better

Theta's solution for the purest transfer of analog signals from SACD and DVD Audio players, integrating with the digital signals processed in Casablanca III.

Once a signal has been converted from digital to analog, it is vulnerable. In the SACD and DVD-A players currently available, the analog signal is subjected to enough abuse to negate most if not all of the sonic advantages of these theoretically superior formats.

SACD and DVD-A routinely sends fragile analog signals through their digital processors --routed through inexpensive volume control chips, irradiate with radio frequency spuriae.

Theta protects the analog signal by isolating it from Casablanca: Six Shooter is simply a fine straight-line analog preamplifier, controlled seamlessly by the Casablanca. The multi channel signal's volume is controlled by individual metal film resistors, just like in the very best audiophile 2-channel preamplifiers.

Expect the sonic transparency of analog preamplifiers, selling for $5,000 to $10,000. Since Six Shooter is controlled entirely from the Casablanca, and can be hidden away, we have not given it lavish cosmetics, and its simpler functionality allows for some savings; otherwise it would be in the same price range.

Does everyone need such a component? Of course not. We all know that the sound from CD and DVD is good enough for most people. However, for those who demand the very best from their SACD and DVD-Audio, there is nothing else on a level with Six Shooter.

Six Shooter at first glance might seem like an expensive switcher. However, this is a perfectionist piece at a realistic price once the quality is considered.

For more specific information, along with diagrams showing connectors and illustrating signal paths, please see the technical addendum which is being added to the Casablanca manual.

We think that every Casablanca owner who listens to multi-channel music will be interested in Six Shooter.

Six Shooter Backplate Drawing

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