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Technical Description

Go Boldly

The Enterprise is a 300 Watt monoblock power amplifier, based on the original Citadel and the Dreadnaught II. It benefits from the knowledge, research and dedication that Theta Digital brought to those superlative designs.

The heart of the Enterprise is its fully-balanced differential, zero-feedback circuitry, with meticulously selected solid-state devices throughout. We scrutinize the selection to optimize component parts in each and every stage, and for the performance of the amplifier as a whole.

The sound is similar to the original Citadel amps in veracity and intimacy with the musical experience, and in the prospect of movie performance that will make your home theater your favorite movie palace.

The audio board is a four layer glass-epoxy circuit board: one layer each for positive and negative supply lines, one layer for ground plane, and one layer for the signal path. Its transistors are the same ultra-fast devices that helped give the original Citadel and the Dreadnaught II their superlative sonic signature. The Enterprise uses the same bridge rectifier, mother board, and capacitive banks as the original Citadel did!

Its output power supply uses a single, high-current 480 Watt toroid transformer, which feeds an ultra-fast / soft-recovery 35 Amp full bridge rectifier. The power supply lines are then filtered by two capacitive banks totaling a hefty 80,000 uF. The sonic result of these very clean supply lines to the output transistors is exceeded only by the original Citadel on which it was modeled.

The Enterprise is an exercise in delivering tremendous power with absolute integrity.