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Casablanca IV

Casablanca IV With New Indicators for Dirac Live and Jitter Jail II

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Foundation Cards and Features (included with chassis)

  • Power Supply Panel with toroidal transformer, RS-232 and Triggers
  • Ultra-HD (4k) Compatible HDMI Card (4 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI output)
  • Digital Input/Output Card with AES/EBU input, 4 coaxial inputs, 4 Toslink inputs, 1 each coaxial and Toslink outputs, 1 USB Software (Dirac) port; 2 Volume Data Outputs
  • Analog Input Card (6 RCA Inputs and 2 RCA Tape Outputs)
  • Dirac Live 96k Digital Room Correction and Optimization
  • Individually Calibrated Measurement Microphone
  • Jitter Jail II

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Six Shooter, Robot Analog Preamplifier (optional)

Please note: The Six Shooter allows six channel analog sources to be controlled by the Casablanca IV. If more than six channels of analog input are desired (such as a 7.1 analog output from a Blu-ray transport), then it is possible to use two Six Shooters together, for up to twelve channels of analog input and control.

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