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Casablanca IIIHD and CB3 Settings Files
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Casasblanca III<sup>HD</sup> and CB3 Setting Files

Recently, we received a suggestion to allow folks to submit their new Casablanca IIIHD or their older CB3 system settings so that other folks could use them in like systems, and possibly benefit sonically from the fine tuned nature of such settings.

Bearing in mind that these settings are very specific to the individual hardware configurations of each unit, it is critically important to ensure that a given settings file is compatible with a given unit.

If you would like to share your unit's settings for other enthusiasts to use in their systems, please email your file to and we'll take it from there!

Please incldue a description of your unit's hardware configuration and feel free to submit a description of your system (up to 500 words).

These settings file must be saved from a properly working Casablanca IIIHD or CB3 unit. Only the Theta Digital Downloader v201 or later can be used to save the settings. Theta Digital Downloader v201 is available here [Link to its location in the Downloads area].

Two important notes:

1. It is not possible to use the old Crystal program to save or work with these settings files, or severe software corruption will result.

2. These user-uploaded settings files are offered as-is, and no guarantee of their stability or performance is given.